San Benedeto del Tronto  develops on the Adriatic Coast, named Riviera delle Palme so named for the presence of a walk that goes from San Benedetto del Tronto to Cupra Marittima, passing to Grottammare. Here, you can observe thirteen varieties of palm trees about fifteen feet high .

This town also has a hilly part , called ” San Benedetto Alta” where there is a tower , the keep of the fortress that dominates the city which lies on the sea. This city has a port which is the largest of the Marche Region and one of the largest in Italy. Its promenade allows you to walk , run, ride a bike for many miles as it extends up to Grottammare to reach Cupra Marittima. There are many hotels in San Benedetto del Tronto thanks to the climate and territory , as well as the sandy beaches that attract a good amount of tourism from Europe , and as far away.

Therefore received a ” Blue Flag” for its clean sea and with its nightlife , with chalets and more, San Benedetto is a very popular city for tourism and summer, takes more lives. Towards Porto d’Ascoli , there are shopping centers such as Decathlon for shoes , clothing and sports equipment , Grand Harbour for shopping of all kinds and many shops. At the center of the city was created a pedestrian to walk freely and go shopping. In addition, San Benedetto has a municipal theater, the Concordia , the Civil Hospital , green parks, sports centers.

Oasi San Benedetto del TrontoThere are also Catholic Churches such as Santa Maria della Marina, the Bishop’s Palace and the Church of St. Joseph. From this seaside city , you can easily reach the nearby towns on the coast of the Marche Region and is therefore Grottammare, Cupra Marittima, cities of the Abruzzo Coast as Martinsicuro , Alba Adriatica .

But in half an hour you can reach Ascoli Piceno and other towns of the Marche Region of south- east . In short, the location of the land is quite strategic . In recent years, it is spreading more and more the reputation of the Marche region and the tourism that before he headed to Tuscany , Apulia , Sardinia in recent years is moving to this beautiful region.

It Is recommended that you choose to spend their summer holidays in San Benedetto del Tronto.

Other cities of Riviera delle Palme

Grottammare Cupra Marittima